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SKU: Aspidistria


10 Stems - Bunch

Bear Grass
SKU: BearGrass


Growers Bunch
Approximately 50 Stems


Bells of Ireland
SKU: Bells-of-Ireland


5 Stems - Bunch

SKU: Boxwood


Growers Bunch

SKU: Bupleurum


Growers Bunch

SKU: Comador


Growers Bunch
Approximately 25 Stems

Curly Willow Long
SKU: Curly-Willow-Long


Height - 7' to 9'

Curly Willow Medium
SKU: Curly-Willow-Medium


Height - 5' to 6'

Curly Willow Tips
SKU: Curly-Willow-Tips


Height - 3' to 4'

Eucalyptus - Baby Blue
SKU: Eucalyptus-Baby-Blue


Growers Bunch

Eucalyptus - Bonsi
SKU: Eucalyptus-Bonsi


Growers Bunch

Eucalyptus - Flowering
SKU: Eucalyptus-Flowering


Growers Bunch

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